Partner network in Asia

Through many years of work experience in the Asian market and through a branch in Kyoto, we already have an almost unmanageable sea of partner companies. Just like us, each of these companies would be happy to meet your guests to make your stay in Asia a very special experience. From personal contacts to experts, hotels, event-sights, restaurants or sub-agencies: as a DMC with two locations in Germany and Japan, we can easily turn almost any request for our travel products into reality. Just contact us and we will make your guests' travel dreams come true.

Especially through our cooperation with regional governmental institutions and national tourism agencies, we have direct contacts with whom we can also put special requests into practice and negotiate special discounts.

Sustainable hotels
and authentic Lodgings

With us, your guests will stay the way they prefer when traveling. In addition to a fresh lineup of good mid-range hotels to luxury design accommodations, we offer your guests stays in authentic and sustainable Japanese ryokan (traditional Japanese hostels with their own hot spring baths), local family-run guesthouses, homestays or mountain cabins. And if your guests would like a wacky night in a futuristic capsule hotel, or a room with a private spring bath outside the patio door, we can easily accommodate that too. There are (almost) no limits to your imagination. 

Sustainable transport

Numerous group travel providers rely on pure place-to-place transportation with coaches for larger groups. Sometimes even over exorbitant distances of up to 6 hours driving time per day. This is not only harmful to the climate, but also shields your guests from contact with the local population for long distances. 

Through our direct on-site contacts with local rail providers, we can also offer competitive prices for train-only travel through large discounts. In concrete terms, this means that your guests do not have to sit for long hours in a shielded group bus to get from A to B, but instead reach their destination by comfortable express train. 

Climate friendliness does not always have to be expensive.

Excellent Support

With our two locations at two ends of the world, we give you as our direct customer the promise to always be at your side and to handle any request in less than 24 hours. The same applies on the other side for your guests traveling with us in Asia. 

Without time difference our local office is available around the clock for you and your guests. No other German Asiaresie provider can offer you and your company this service. 

As already mentioned, we are not only always there for you: we are oriented towards current travel trends and know your guests. Whether it's a relaxing luxury experience or a challenging hiking trip through the most beautiful national parks in Japan: we make the travel dreams of your discerning guests come true!

Special Experiences

As a Japanese proverb says: Seeing once is worth more than hearing a hundred news. We show your guests, whether groups or FITs, sides of Asia that they do not know from the media. We enable direct contact with locals and thus give room for personal insights that your guests will remember long after the trip is over. Because it is these special events on a trip that make it memorable for the individual traveler. That's why we create particularly varied programs that, in addition to visiting well-known highlights, rest on two pillars: experiencing traditional culture up close and getting to know the rural population. 

Our maxim is: Not just one temple or one building after the other! Authentic memories are created when you meet with the people of the country and their culture. 

Or to quote Marc Twain, "Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness." 


No matter what trip we create for your guests as a DMC, we will provide you with the appropriate PR materials to adequately promote the travel package through your media channels. Whether it's photos, videos, promotional prose, detailed trip descriptions, etc., we can help. We support you from the first travel draft to sales, execution and post-processing in all relevant steps along the way to provide your guests with a perfect travel experience.

Of course, our service package also includes travel advice and detailed notes on the route, so that your guests can prepare perfectly and completely relaxed for your great experiences in Japan.

Tour Guiding

A person who can introduce you to a country, its culture, language and customs as well as its history, politics, economy and nature. And best of all with a good dose of humor, friendliness, open-mindedness, organizational skills and helpfulness. All this (and much more) makes a competent and professional tour guide. 

The managing directors of J-NAVI were not only formerly on the road as tour guides for numerous German and international tour operators, but still accompany groups today in order to always be close to the customers and their changing needs. Therefore, great importance is attached to the quality and training of the tour guides. We also ensure this with regular training and feedback meetings. 

With our German and English speaking and mostly academically trained J-NAVI tour guides, your guests will always have a competent leader and organizer at their side, who will round off the travel experience perfectly.