Travel packages planned by the experts of J-NAVI

We know that not all travel guests want the same thing. Therefore, we create each travel package in close consultation, tailored to the needs of your guests .

From the initial tour idea to detailed planning, marketing, implementation and review with you: As a passionate DMC, we take care of all tasks related to the creation, booking, PR and execution of the tour package.

Parts of our wide range of offers are:

  • Active travel (e.g. hiking tours from easy to challenging, cycling tours, trekking tours with local guides, train-only tours with local special train use, sports tours, etc.).
  • Study and cultural trips (e.g. Zen meditation class, expert lectures on Japanese theater and history, dinner with a sumo wrestler, entertainment by a geisha, etc.).
  • Culinary travel (from local wasabi farms to street food tours to Michelin-starred restaurants).
  • Adventure travel (whether rafting in rivers, "glamping" overnight stays, homestay experiences, volcano climbs, visits to social projects, log rafting, etc.).
  • Luxury travel (with accommodations in the best hotels, special dining events, yacht excursions, etc.).
  • Architecture and Art tours
  • Company or Club trips
  • Political Tours (Visits to twin cities, ministries, partner institutions, etc.)
  • FIT  
  • Incentive tours
  • Influencer Travel 

In our tour shop window under ITINERARIES and additionally under SERVICES you will get an overview of our wide range of "Experiences", which can be incorporated into your dream tour at will. But let these be only inspirations, because with our fixed location in Kyoto it is possible to make any kind of experience come true. 

We take time for your wishes! We bring your guests up close and personal with Japan!

With over 10 years of experience and a team of experts and partners on the ground in Asia, we make your travel dreams come true, creating tours your guests won't forget.

Develop unforgettable travel experiences with our experts!

In order to create a tailor-made Asia trip with unforgettable experiences, we perfectly adjust the entire land package to their customer requirements. Our experts, who have many years of experience and passionate knowledge about Japan, will help you with this. With J-NAVI's large local network, almost any combination and experience is feasible for your guests. You can rely on us. 

Just get in touch with us and let's start planning!